The Structural Concrete Alliance

The Structural Concrete Alliance brings together the Concrete Repair Association (CRA), Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA) and Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA) to provide a single co-ordinated voice, and source of reference for the structural concrete refurbishment and repair industry.

The Structural Concrete Alliance provides authoritative guidance on asset protection and repair:

  • The repair, refurbishment and renovation of concrete
  • Cathodic protection of steel and concrete structures
  • Sprayed concrete technology and application techniques

The Alliance represents over 100 companies drawn nationally from contractors, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, test houses and equipment suppliers. We offer a single point of contact for major clients and a definitive source of information and advice for all involved in the repair, refurbishment and management of concrete infrastructure and the protection from corrosion of a wide range of structures.

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