The Structural Concrete Alliance hosts a multitude of webinars in an effort to engage with members of each association as well as members of the public.  Webinars provide tremendous value through the unique tools they offer.

Webinars also remove the face-to-face element of a standard meeting, which proved necessary during the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only is this beneficial for health and safety reasons during such a crisis, but it is favourable for reducing travel times and the associated environmental impact.

Delegates can register with ease and simply allocate an hour of their day to joining the webinar. They can also interact and discuss any queries they may have with the panellists of the webinar and other attendees.

Following on from the success of the webinars in 2020, the Structural Concrete Alliance will once again be hosting a programme of webinars in 2021. 

The ‘Ask the Specialists’ webinar programme offer a fully interactive experience, allowing attendees to ask questions to the panel of experts taking away key information from those on the front line.

Registration for the 2021 webinars is now LIVE!

The schedule for the Spring installment of webinars is as follows:

  • Ask the Specialists – Concrete Repair Association – 22nd April 2021, 10-11.00am
  • Ask the Specialists – Corrosion Prevention Association – 29th April 2021, 10-11.00am
  • Ask the Specialists – Sprayed Concrete Association – 6th May 2021, 10-11.00am

Please use the buttons below to register your place at the webinars and submit your questions to the experts!

To register for the CRA Ask the Specialists Webinar on the 22nd April 2021

Click here

To register for the the ‘Ask the Specialists’ CPA Webinar on the 29th April,

Click here

To register for the ‘Ask the Specialists’ SCA Webinar on the 6th May

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You can watch last year’s webinar recordings by using the buttons below:

Ask the Specialists - CPA

To view the ‘Ask the Specialists’ CPA Webinar.

Click here


To view the ‘Ask the Specialists’ CRA Webinar.

Click here


To view the ‘Ask the Specialists’ SCA Webinar.

Click here

For more information on the latest webinars, please see the events calendar.

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