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The Structural Concrete Alliance hosted a 3 part series of webinars for each association in the alliance, where specialists answered questions put to them by attendees.

The Sprayed Concrete Association webinar was the final instalment in the 3 part series, held on the 16th September. The webinar was very positively received, with plenty of questions submitted to our experts on the day, who were:

Bill Jones – BAM Ritchies

Bill started working in the Sprayed Concrete industry whilst he was a student at university during the early 1970’s. Working as part of a team relining Power Station boilers.

After graduation, he stayed in the industry as a laboratory assistant developing sprayable concrete mixes in the refractories sector, then moved to work in the contracting side of the industry working in Steel works, Oil Refineries, Power Stations, Rail and the Chemicals sector.

Bill also formed his own contracting company in 1988 and went on to join BAM Ritchies in 2000, managing the Sprayed Concrete division, undertaking operations in all industry sectors.

Bill is also the past Chair of the Sprayed Concrete Association, undertaking presentations on the “Introduction to Sprayed Concrete” and CPD presentations.

Deiniol Williams – Fosroc

Deiniol boasts 42 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, having worked for Contractors, Highways Authority and a number of material suppliers for the last 30 years. He has worked for Fosroc for 16 years in a variety of roles including Area Sales manager for the South West and Concrete Repair Manager for the South of the UK.

He is currently the National President of the Concrete Society.

Lauren Fairley, the Secretary of the SCA, introduced the webinar and welcomed the attendees. She also gave a brief history of the association as well as an update on the current activities within the association. She then welcomed the panellists, Bill and Deiniol, sometimes known as the ‘Ant and Dec’ of the sprayed concrete world, who got to work answering questions.

This webinar had a very positive reception, with registrants providing an abundance of questions.  An example of these questions are:

  • What is the minimum/maximum thickness of sprayed concrete that can be applied?
  • What are the typical applications of sprayed concrete?
  • What are the differences between wet and dry sprayed concrete?


In case you missed the webinar, or would like to re watch it, the webinar was recorded.

Please use the button below to register to view this recording.

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