Fosroc launches Patchroc 250

 In Issue 11

After working closely with contractors on major road projects, Fosroc recognised the requirement for a product which could provide rapid and permanent reinstatement of thick section patch repairs on concrete bridge decks and carriageways, and has now launched a new product, Patchroc 250.

Developed by Fosroc’s Technical Team, Patchroc 250’s unique cement chemistry means it can be used to reinstate concrete sections up to 250mm thickness without the excessive heat generation and thermal cracking associated with traditional rapid set materials.

With its rapid strength gain Patchroc 250 can generally accept traffic in just 2 hours at 20˚C, particularly useful when interruption of traffic must be minimised. Patchroc 250 can be left as a trafficable finish with its high strength, abrasion and weather resistance making it ideal for external works, alternatively it can be overlaid with compatible deck membranes and coatings once the surface moisture content reaches <6%, typically only 3-4 hours after cure.

Patchroc 250 is easy to use: it is supplied pre-bagged to overcome site batched variations and requires only the site addition of clean water to provide a consistent flow applied repair material. It can be used without a primer, yet still achieves an excellent bond to the concrete substrate.

Patchroc 250 is CE Marked to EN1504-3 (Class R4) and will sit alongside Fosroc’s Renderoc HB range (Hand Applied), Renderoc DS & DSR (Dry Spray) and Renderoc LA60 (Highly Fluid Micro Concrete) products, providing a comprehensive concrete repair offer to the highways and other infrastructure markets.

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