VolkerLaser offers Fast Beam services

VolkerLaser has announced both UK exclusivity and international agent agreements with Fast Beam for the supply and installation of an innovative parapet access system.

Fast Beam from VolkerLaser, is a unique, safe and extremely efficient access system. Fast Beam is designed to maximise working space and minimise traffic disruption, whilst undertaking necessary parapet repairs, maintenance or construction. The bespoke system replaces conventional scaffolding methods – reducing cost, manpower and risk.

Typically, 50m of Fast Beam access technology can be installed by a three-man team within an eight-hour shift. Traffic management can often be reduced to maintain traffic flows, and the system can also be used to provide a pedestrian walkway or cycleway during bridge repair works.

Fast Beam can be installed whilst existing parapets are in place, making it an ideal solution for rail bridge repair work.

The system has an enclosed working area on the edge of the bridge, which provides a water- and debris-tight seal when undertaking hydro-demolition or concrete break-out works to the parapet.

VolkerLaser is able to provide Fast Beam as part of a package of works as a main contractor or sub-contractor, however, it can also offer a hire service. This would include initial inspection, supply, installation and removal.

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