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CLM Construction undertook the installation of an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system to the deck soffit between supporting bents underneath Spaghetti Junction of the M6. The scheme is the first of its kind to be installed under the ASC9 asset contract.

The repair and protection works were required due to deterioration of the reinforced concrete elements of the structure as a result of chloride ingress from road de-icing salts.

Prior to design and installation of the soffit cathodic protection system, extensive deck repairs (from the top surface) were undertaken. Deck waterproofing was also installed under this previous contract. The deck soffit ICCP system installed was a MMO/Ti Mesh and MMO/Ti Ribbon Mesh Anode System with a cementitious overlay.

The project posed a number of unique challenges due to the location, access to the works, containment, deck soffit vibration, maintenance of public access and interface between neighbouring construction sites and surrounding businesses.

Kier Highways was the principal contactor on the project whilst Amey was scheme designer and specifier, with all parties working closely and collectively this contributed to a successful project delivery model.

CLM’s approach to structural repair works with a creative and collaborative strategy has enhanced our reputation and has developed a track record of customer satisfaction.

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