CLM leading through innovation

CLM are currently working at the forefront of innovation on a variety of projects within the transportation and highways sector.

Working collaboratively with Kier Highways, ideas and concepts are selected for trialling as live projects, offering opportunities to unlock their full potential and value.

Current projects include the use of heat sensor probes to establish an accurate and reasonable in-situ estimation of the compressive strength within concrete. The project, trialled both in laboratory and site conditions with James Fisher Testing Services, showcased very promising results which could lead to a minimised carbon footprint and environmental impact, as well as reducing work programme times.

Remote and robotic hydro-demolition surface preparation of concrete surfaces is currently being trialled with Trident Hydro Demolition. The project aims to reduce the health and safety risk by removing operatives from danger, while also improving the control of the finish.

With bridge deck waterproofing systems for concrete currently applied only to concrete of least seven days old, early trials of waterproofing for specialist concrete repairs aim to establish the feasibility of reducing this restriction. This could lead to a reduction in construction costs and disruption for road. A trial carried out in conjunction with Aston Services produced encouraging results for the future, with further trials recommended.

CLM will continue to work alongside key partners in the development and delivery of innovative ideas, striving to improve methods and processes whilst demonstrating efficiencies across the construction industry.

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