CP design and service life assessments

Echem Consultants (Echem) provides durability and service life support to investigative engineers and testing houses with the intent of enhancing knowledge of reinforced concrete conditions. We successfully work with teams to assist with the collection and interpretation of non-destructive corrosion test data, including Multi-array Surface Penetrating Analysis Radar (MASPAR), Half-cell, Corrosion Rate, and laboratory test results, etc. to provide an understand of existing conditions and remaining service life.

Our work can be performed in conjunction with on-call contract routine inspection or as specialized durability and service life assessments.  After Echem determines corrosion and service life, we provide material selection and corrosion design services.

With our high-density scanning and predictive methods, the repair options and construction sequencing can be planned prior to when the structure will experience reduced capacity and serviceability.  By understanding the degradation timeline of a structure, engineering teams can confidently work to extend the functionality and serviceability of their client’s assets.  Addressing corrosion related degradation as part of a holistic repair ensures decades of improved performance.  Specialized design services include cathodic protection, realkalization, chloride extraction, non-metallic alloy selection, and UHPC repairs.

For more information on the projects Echem has worked on, please visit our website.  Our projects range from critical reinforced concrete infrastructure to one-of-a-kind historic landmarks.

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