Injection solutions from Weber

webertec EP injection solutions from specialist technical mortar manufacturer Weber have been designed for repairing cracked concrete, masonry, brickwork, concrete bridges, retaining walls and highway structures by injecting resin into static cracks. The system is fully compliant with BS EN 1504 and available as standalone resins, or as part of a kit containing all necessary accessories.

The product is available in two grades, low viscosity and thixotropic, depending on the type of application. The product is easy to apply, high strength and non-shrinkage, ensuring an excellent bond which can also be applied in damp environments.

webertec EP injection resin low viscosity is a two-component resin for crack repairs between 0.3-2mm wide. The moisture tolerant resin will structurally bond the fractured sections and seal fine cracks against ingress of water. It is used for structural repairs to fine cracks and repairing plastic and drying shrinkage cracks.

webertec EP injection resin thixotropic is a two-component resin for crack repairs between 0.5-8mm. The moisture tolerant resin will repel dampness in the cracks and bond broken substrates. It is ideally suited for cracks in brickwork where movement has occurred.  Once the movement has stabilised, the resin injection process can take place. The thixotropic properties avoid filling cavities with resin.  The radial flow will be equal to the distance between the injection points.

webertec EP injection kit contains webertec EP injection resin thixotropic and an accessory pack to carry out crack repairs.

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