CRL Continue Working Throughout the Lockdown …

 In Issue 17

During lockdown Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL) were fortunate to be awarded a new project through our Area 10 Highways England (HE) Framework. The works took place on the Helsby Viaduct and comprised mainly of the following; sill beam repairs under the viaduct, installation of a temporary propping system, abutment bearing replacement, repair works on the bridge deck; inclusive of a new waterproofing course and replacement of the existing parapets with an anti-climb guard at each end over the railway.

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, CRL has worked continuously to ensure we are operating in a safe environment in line with government guidelines (SOP). This has enabled us to continue functioning through these unprecedented times, with measures reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure the highest standards of safety set out are adhered to.

Due to the strict government guidelines, it was necessary for CRL to carry out Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) on this project with HE and all the supply chain companies involved; mainly Standard Scaffold, Sabre Hydrodemolition, Safe Road and Ekspan. To obtain a discharge licence from the Environmental Agency and to keep within the limits of the allowable suspended solids and PH levels, Sabre designed and installed a unique French drain system with a sump area to divert and control the water runoff from the hydro-demolition works. This discharge was then processed by a silt buster.

In order to facilitate easy access to the works, and catch the hydro-demolition discharge, an arrangement was installed directly on the scaffold that segregated the works area into two sections; this was comprised of a visqueen membrane with 2 layers of plywood and a tarpaulin outer face. This has enabled the hydro-demolition team and the repair team to safely work at the same time.


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