CRL strengthens Triton Square

 In Issue 15

CRL has recently completed significant carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) structural strengthening works at Triton Square, London. The project is the biggest CFRP wrap scheme that CRL has undertaken to date.

The building, which was designed by Arup in the 80s, was undergoing a major refurbishment which involved adding 4 storeys to the building. In order to avoid increasing internal column sizes, and reducing the rentable floor space of the slabs, Arup and Sika developed an innovative scheme to wrap key columns in carbon fibre fabric. The fabric resists bursting stresses and assists in strength in bending.

After exhausting design checks – by Tony Gee and Partners – and concrete strength testing, CRL were finally given the go ahead one year after the original enquiry. Twenty-nine, 3.5m high columns were prepared, primed with Sikadur 330 then wrapped with between 2 and 5 layers of Sikawrap 900C, embedded in Sikadur 300 resin.

The installation of the Sikawrap was achieved to the highest standard with no signs of bubbles, or hollow areas being found when quality control checks were carried out once the epoxy had hardened and cured. CRL successfully passed an exhaustive QA inspection regime from Arup and Lendlease, and Sika commented that the quality of work was “the best they’d ever seen”.

Well done to the team, in particular to CRL’s two City University of London student engineers.

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