Duvine introduces new CP150

 In Issue 11

Duvine has introduced the new CP150 power module which is ideally suited for multi-zone systems.

Based on its many years of switch-mode power supply experience, the CP150 is a cost effective and robust solution which can cover up to 120 zones. The standard CP150 solution offers 0-25V and 0-10A on each output.

Duvine has been manufacturing Impressed Current Cathodic Protection power solutions for many years, in the form of the CP500 for single zones. Using our 30 years’ experience of switch-mode rectifier technology, our solutions are an ideal power source for ICCP applications.

Switch-mode rectifiers offer considerable advantages over traditional transformer rectifiers, such as versatility, control, ultra-low ripple, digital display interfaces, built-in interrupters, size and weight.

Duvine’s systems also offer a range of modular upgrade options to further enhance our solutions. These range from GPS synchronisation and parallel configuration to GPRS and 3G remote monitoring and control, including both email and text alerts.

Duvine’s cathodic protection systems have the option of being monitored and controlled remotely utilizing their unique software solution. Using the optional email communication software, our systems can also produce regular performance reports and automatic alarms and alerts.

Duvine’s switch mode-rectifiers are designed so that the users can select from a number of different controls: constant current, constant voltage, constant potential or a mix of all three, depending on the requirements.

We also custom-build integrated solutions to meet customers’ exact specifications and particular site requirements.

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