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Concrete repair materials manufactured by Flexcrete Technologies, part of AkzoNobel, have been chosen to restore the structural integrity of a wet well in the Colchester area, enabling it to be rapidly returned to normal service.

The refurbishment project was carried out by specialist contractor CSC Services on behalf of Anglian Water. CSC Services was commissioned to remove all vegetation and reline the wet well. A Flexcrete repair and protection system was chosen due to its outstanding track record of use in wastewater applications.

All joints, grout holes, cracks and voids were sealed using Monomix HD – a waterproof, class R4 structural repair mortar which has outstanding abrasion resistance and can be applied up to thicknesses of 80mm in a single application. The high bond strength of Monomix HD exceeds the tensile strength of concrete and it offers low permeability to water, even at 10 bar pressure.

Monolevel 844SP – a waterproof, engineering quality fairing coat – was then applied to bring the concrete back to profile prior to the application of two 1mm coats of Cemprotec E942, an innovative, two-component, water-based cementitious coating that provides a hard-wearing surface with greatly enhanced chemical and abrasion resistance. The product exhibits excellent resistance to sulphuric acid attack.

Just 24 hours after application, a physical check was made to ensure that the coating was fully cured and bungs were removed before the wet well was returned to normal service.

You can read more about the project here.

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