Rapid Return to Service for Bridge Deck Repair

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The A404M Cannon Lane – Bridge Deck End Reconstruction works was a Highways England Project managed by Kier and undertaken by contractors Currall Lewis and Martin. The works included reconstruction of joint edges and repairing defective concrete in the bridge deck. The bridge which carries the A404(M) over Cannon Lane is a busy major route and there was a clear objective to get the works completed quickly in order to limit closure of the road and minimise traffic disruption.
Detailed discussions were held with both client and specialist contractors in order to reach the most effective solution by selecting products which would minimise disruption and enable the road to be returned to use as quickly as possible.

Fosroc worked closely with contractors CLM, management agents Kier and Highways England to develop a strategy to repair these defective areas of concrete. Patchroc 250 was chosen as the repair solution, used in conjunction with Nitoprime Zincrich Plus for protection of any exposed steel reinforcement.

Speed of reinstatement and return to use was achieved by the use of Fosroc products. Nitoprime Zincrich Plus reactive Zincrich primer cures quickly and forms a passivating coating. Patchroc 250 thick section repair material can be applied up to 250mm deep and allows the area to open to traffic within 2 hours and any waterproofing system to be installed within 4 hours of application.

All the materials comply with and exceed the requirements of BS EN1504 and Highways England providing reassurance in the quality of this repair system.


Contact: Sandra Westbrook

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