FOSROC – Burwood Court

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Fosroc Ltd – Burwood Court

Burwood Court comprises 3 residential blocks of 3 storey flats constructed of a concrete frame and brick cladding with exposed concrete walkways which had deteriorated over time and required repair and protection.  A visual inspection revealed spalling concrete, and exposed steel reinforcement due to low cover and carbonation attack, as well as failures in the balcony waterproofing system and movement joints resulting in cracking and water penetration into the concrete. Previous repairs had failed and a more durable solution was required. Speed of return to service was also an important factor in minimising disruption to residents during the work’s process.

Fosroc supplied a combined solution for the repair and protection of the concrete elements and also a durable finish to the balcony decks. Renderoc HB hand placed mortar was applied to the vertical areas and soffits before applying Dekguard W as a decorative finish and overall protective coating system. Following repairs to the balcony decks Nitoseal MS300 pavement sealant was used to reseal the failed movement joints and Nitodek FS System 3 waterproofing solution (comprising primer, membrane, fleece, topcoat and anti-slip grains) was applied to the walkways.

Fosroc provided a complete package of materials including concrete repair, joint sealing and a waterproofing solution, installed by experienced contractor Structural Renovations Limited. Once the repairs had been completed the Nitodek FS was quickly installed due to its ease of application and rapid curing rate. The coating system is extremely durable and low maintenance providing an attractive waterproof finish for years to come.

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