Innovative strengthening from Freyssinet

 In Issue 12

Freyssinet provided an innovative solution using Ultra High-Strength Fibre Reinforced Concrete used in precast form and manufactured offsite to strengthen a carpark extension in Eastbourne.

The £85 million redevelopment of the Arndale Shopping Centre included an additional 22 retail units, seven restaurant units, a multiscreen cinema and a two-storey extension to the existing multi-storey car park. The existing concrete columns of the car park had to be strengthened in order to carry the additional loads.

Freyssinet was instructed to carry out the full design, supply and installation of column strengthening to 84 columns. Traditional methods of reinforcement were considered in the initial stages of the project, which included traditional jacketing, propping, partial demolition and installation of new in-situ concrete.

By utilising its innovative ExoLeaf system – an Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) in pre-cast form – Freyssinet was able to reduce the 47 week programme down to just 15 weeks, including work on a number of special columns. As a result, the car park stayed open to the public for the majority of the works, which was crucial in the lead up to the Christmas period.

The ExoLeaf system can be developed as pre-cast, cast in-situ or even sprayed, suiting a wide range of applications and site conditions.

The expertise of Freyssinet in design and installation, combined with knowledge of Precast led to an excellent result serving all of the client’s needs: safety, speed, aesthetics and quality.

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