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 In Issue 9

Natural Cement has announced that two more of its products have achieved Regulation 31 approval from the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Natcem D & Waterstop are now approved for application in the provision of water supplied for drinking, washing, cooking or food production.

Waterstop is a fast-setting material based on a potable water approved natural cement, it is an environmentally friendly, fast-setting, water-stopping material that at 20ºC starts to set in 90 seconds and is totally set in 2½ minutes.

Natcem D is a blend of a natural cement and food grade retarders. It is a fine grout that is environmentally friendly and used for repairs around sewers, ground stabilisation, work around the sea, grouting around tunnel linings and areas where chemical attack or pollution is likely.

Natural Cement offers a wide range of Regulation 31 approved shotcretes, grouts, concrete repair & water stopping materials. The company is proud that its products contain no chemicals, making them environmentally-friendly. They produce no contaminated waste, even the packaging is recyclable. Unlike other manufacturers they do not require primers, bonding & or curing agents.

Offering a low carbon footprint is an essential part of the company’s global growth. The products are chemically resistant and easy to use, which results in even greater time savings. All the products are especially useful in wet and cold environments, some having been used down to -14°C with fast-setting and early strength gain being a standard feature.

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