Omniflex Release the Latest Version of iGAL

 In E-Bulletin, Issue 19

Cathodic Protection monitoring specialist Omniflex have released the latest Version of iGAL, the first product in the UK to offer remote monitoring of galvanic cathodic protection installations, via the web.

Until the release of iGAL, this technology was only available on impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems. While ICCP systems have featured remote monitoring for many years, most galvanic CP installations are not regularly monitored, if at all. Many users assume that the galvanic systems ensure their ongoing performance and protection. However, the need to meet more demanding compliance requirements means regular site visits are required to conduct tests to ensure the galvanic system is actually working.

Omniflex designed iGAL to allow users to remotely monitor assets such as bridges, whilst minimising the need for site visits and reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel. It is a fully battery powered unit and works by connecting in series with galvanic anodes that have been installed within the structure. iGAL monitors the performance of the galvanic CP system by using three common monitoring techniques and can measure up to four of each of these methods. For example, four anode currents, four reference-electrode voltages and four corrosion-coupon currents can be measured.  iGAL also takes this a step further, allowing users to remotely disconnect the anodes from the structure to carry out tests, such as instant-off potential and depolarisation tests.

Available in a weatherproof enclosure for easy installation, iGAL features a battery life of up to six years.

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