Sika saves road bridge

 In Issue 10


Sika’s Galvashield XP and CC anodes provided the simple and easy-to-install solution to protect the Almond Valley Bridge, a 900m-long twin-deck structure located in Livingston near Edinburgh.

The structure was subject to an independent 10-year survey to detect linear polarisation within the reinforced concrete. Tests revealed high levels of chloride which, if left untreated, would have resulted in corrosion sites on the steel rebar.

For the Almond Valley Bridge project, a total of 2,800 anodes were installed. The bridge’s height, approximately 40m from the ground, presented on-site teams with a potentially challenging repairs programme.

The affected carriageway remained closed whilst installation of the corrosion management was carried out, hence the need for a rapid, easy-to-install solution. Sika Galvashield sacrificial anodes are quickly and easily installed into concrete to control corrosion activity and prevent the new formation of corrosion sites on reinforced concrete structures.

With CC anodes there is no requirement to break- out the chloride contaminated concrete, which would result in dust and debris being released into the atmosphere. Their use also reduces the workers’ time being exposed to percussive tools which can cause hand transmitted vibration health issues.

The easy-to-install Sika Galvashield  anodes system not only ensured  the preventative works programme was completed eight days ahead of the agreed two-month timeframe, it will provide long-term protection against potential damage caused by corrosion, ensuring this fine structure will continue to provide daily access for thousands of vehicles for many years to come.

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