The power of CPT DuoGuard

 In Issue 12

When Inovyn Chemicals needed to extend the life of corroding reinforced concrete plinths supporting a saline liquid tank they turned to CPT. The CPT DuoGuard corrosion protection system was chosen due to a long track record in protecting structures in aggressive environments, a low maintenance requirement and performance measuring capability.

DuoGuard is a two stage treatment whereby galvanic anodes are temporarily wired up to an external power source for an impressed current phase. After this typically 7 day phase, the power source is disconnected and the same anodes are left in place to provide long term sacrificial anode protection to the steel reinforcement. Phase 1 brings great benefit in terms of halting aggressive corrosion. Phase 2 maintains steel passivity.

Following installation at the Inovyn site, checks were made to ensure that no anodic sites, indicative of corrosion, were identifiable on the reinforcement within the treatment area (see image). The only anodic sites should be at DuoGuard locations.

This procedure demonstrates both the efficacy of the system and acts as a QA check on the installation. DuoGuard is the perfect solution for controlling corrosion in all manner of reinforced concrete structures, including bridges, car parks, jetties and commercial buildings.


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