Vector launches Galvashield Fusion T2

 In Issue 10

Vector Corrosion Technologies Limited (VCTL), is pleased to announce the launch of a second-generation hybrid system, Galvashield Fusion.

Traditionally, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) has worked by utilising a small electrical current to control corrosion. Due to the nature of the technology, external power, monitoring and maintenance are all continuously required over its design life. This often leads to systems being overlooked with time. One independent report indicates that after 15 years, there was a 50% probability that the system would not be working, which increased to 75% at 20 years.

Galvanic Corrosion Control (CC) systems have increased in popularity over the past 20 years due to their simplicity. No external power or monitoring are required for their function. This makes them an attractive option, even though they have a finite life and their performance cannot be altered once installed.

Galvashield Fusion T2 is a second-generation hybrid anode system that combines designable performance of an ICCP system with simple maintenance-free performance and installation of a galvanic system. Through extensive innovation Vector has developed a unit capable of offering short term ICCP to re-passivate steel (phase 1) and long-term cathodic prevention to maintain that state (phase 2). This all being achieved in a single unit without the need for any external power or complicated wiring. This two-phase treatment is designed to the performance requirements of ISO BS EN12696:2016.


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