Weber mortars for balcony repairs

 In Issue 10

High performance technical mortars by Saint-Gobain Webehave been specified for the repair of concrete balconies with metal railings to apartment buildings in Northwood.

Metal railings to attractive balconies on the first and second storey apartments had rusted at the base over time and this in turn lead to spalling of the surrounding concrete.

‘This was both visually unattractive and a potential safety risk for the residents,’ says Karl Roberts, contracts manager of main contractor Alfred Bagnall & Sons Limited.

With technical advice from Weber, the team from Alfred Bagnall cut away the spalled concrete and repaired the metal barrier before re-instating the concrete.  webercem concrete repair system was specified, a multi-component system compliant with BS EN 1504 for concrete patch repairs.

The system contains webercem HB40 for high-build repair and levelling, the associated bonding slurry webercem bondcoat and finally a high performance finishing coat of webercote smooth.
webercem bondcoat, a cementitious bonding aid, provides high initial grab to improve the build of the repair mortar and promote the bond to the concrete.  It contains fibres for improved thixotropy, is solvent-free and simply requires mixing with clean water onsite.

Once repaired the balconies were coated with webercote smooth which provides excellent anti-carbonation protection.  It has a minimum 15 years’ life expectancy and is protective, durable and decorative.  webercote smooth can be applied by brush, roller and spray and is resistant to chloride ingress.

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