National Grid boosted by CPT

 In Issue 10

CPT’s innovative DuoGuard hybrid anode system was chosen to control corrosion and extend the life of the Aust Jetty on the Severn Estuary, which provides vital access to a National Grid pylon.

The deck, beams and trestles of the structure are constructed from reinforced concrete and are heavily contaminated with marine chlorides. This has led to corrosion of the embedded steel and cracking of the cover concrete.

The anodes were grouted into small drilled holes within areas of identified corrosion risk and then connected to an external power source for a period of seven days. A relatively high current density was applied, stopping active corrosion. The power source was then removed and the same DuoGuard anodes were left in place to operate self-sufficiently, generating galvanic current and controlling corrosion.

The DuoGuard system, which has a 10-year track record in the UK, has the benefit of providing long term protection coupled with low maintenance, critical for remote structures such as Aust Jetty.

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